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How to fix ‘Another Update in Process’ error in WordPress?

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The ‘Another Update in Process’ error commonly happens when the user initiates an update process while the core WordPress platform is being updated.

Using WordPress Plugin

  • Log into the WordPress administration dashboard and select Plugins > Add New. Search for Fix Another Update, then install and activate the plugin.
  • Navigate to Settings > Fix Another Update In Proress and the database lock will be removed.

 Via Database

  1. Log into cPanel.
  2. Select Databases > phpMyAdmin
  3. Select your WordPress database from the sidebar, then click the Browse button next to the wp_options database table (your database prefix may be different).
  4. In the database rows that appear, look for an entry called ‘core_updater.lock’ and select the Delete button to remove. You can now proceed with your outstanding updates.
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