Tips in Starting Your Online Business

With so many internet websites doing commerce and trade, how can you really start, compete, and hopefully, make the money? Building your online trade is a very complex process, but with the following tips on starting the online business today, you can perhaps make a good start right off the bat.

How to keep your website safe and secure?

Number of web sites including government site that were being compromised increased nowadays. Even though all web owners have taken numerous measures to keep their server and web sites hosted secure, there is more that needs to be done in order to avoid to compromise your account. Due to many of our clients were not […]

Reasons to use self-hosted wordpress instead of other blogging platform

When it comes to determining where and how you to blog, you’ve got two choices:: Let another person host it, or host it yourself. Self-hosting doesn’t mean that you hook up a rack of servers in your garage to keep your site up and running. It implies that you pay another person to host your […]

web design tips

Useful Tips for Effective Web Design Here are some essential web design tips that every web site should follow. Design your web site by following these tips and I guarantee that visitors will have a great first impression of your site. Fast Loading web site designs – This is the number 1 tip that every web […]

How to switch web host?

Moving / Transferring from other Web Host (ZERO DOWNTIME!) DO NOT CHANGE YOUR NAMESERVERS JUST YET NOR DELETE YOUR CURRENT WEB HOST! Establish a hosting account with us. You will then be able to access your new account via the server’s hostname which you will get on your setup email. Start uploading your website files […]

Why Capitan Hosting is not offering Unlimited Space and Unlimited Bandwidth?

Lots of prospective clients are requesting or suggesting us to offer unlimited web space and bandwidth. These prospective clients always say that our competitors are offering unlimited space and ask us why we don’t offer it. We are not offering unlimited space and bandwidth hosting due to many reasons and limitation of  these unlimited offers. […]

Different Types of Web Hosting Services

There are different types of web hosting and each type had different purpose and features. Most users are signing up with a shared web hosting account; however some  needs something more. Below we’ll discuss about the other web hosting types and learn what kind of web hosting service is best for you and your website. […]

Capitan Hosting Goes Social

It has been some years since the founding of Capitan Hosting. We have started our business in 2007, carrying the name Softvertix Web Solutions ( Through the years, Capitan Hosting gives the best efforts to maintain high quality of service and be competitive on the market by offering affordable prices. Serving satisfaction to our clients […]

How to select a good domain name?

Your domain name is like your street address. How will customers find you if they don’t know where to look — or worse, if they go to what they think is your address only to find your company is not there? Here are the lucky 9 tips to choosing a domain name for your business: […]