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refer-a-friendRefer your friends to Capitan Hosting and get a $3 of  credit for each friend that signs up!

Earn $3 Credit in 4 easy steps

You already know that there are a lot of great things about being a Capitan Hosting client, such as great products, service, deals and support. Now we’ve made the best even better by offering a refer-a-friend program.

You can earn $3 credit by referring your friends, family, and colleagues!

1.) Recommend someone you know to any of our hosting plans.

2.) Send an email to with “Refer-A-Friend Program” in the Subject line, and put your account info along with the domain of the person you’ve referred in the body.

3.) Ask your referral to send email to with “Refer-A-Friend Program” in the subject line and confirm that they are your referral along with your account info (your name and any of your domain used for hosting service) in the body.

We will credit your account with $3 and your referral with $1. As easy as that!

There’s no special program to enroll in, and best of all, there is no limit to the amount of friends you can refer. For example, if you sign up 10 friends, you’ll earn a $30 credit that you can use to purchase Capitan Hosting’s services (such as any hosting service, domains, dedicated IP, VPS, Dedicated Server and others) or use to pay for your next bill.

Certain restrictions apply. See the terms below.


The Capitan Hosting Refer-A-Friend program is available only to all existing Capitan Hosting clients whose accounts are in good standing and have an active Budget hosting, Reseller Hosting, VPS or Dedicated Server service. Capitan Hosting clients may refer their friends, family, clients or colleagues and earn credit. Credit will be earned and applied to the referring client and referred client’s account upon the following terms:

1.) Referral credit can be applied if the referred client signs up for a 1 year Budget 2 & Budget 3 Hosting Plans.
2.) Referral credit can be applied also if the referred client signs up for a Reseller Hosting, VPS or Dedicated Server.
3.) Referrals of Lite Budget, Budget 1 and Domain Name registration purchases will not be awarded credit.
4.) Credit will be awarded 45 days after referrals take place. Cancellations or terminations of referred accounts within the 45 day period will void any credit earned for the referral.
5.) Credits earned for referrals do not include a monetary alternative.
6.) For tracking purposes, referrals are required to identify the referring client’s your account info (name and any domain used for hosting service).
7.) All referrals must conform to Capitan Hosting’s standard Terms of Service.
8.) Referrals must be claimed within 45 days after the referring purchase to be eligible for credit.
9.) Referrals made in conjunction with the Capitan Hosting affiliate program will not be awarded credit towards free web hosting.
10.) Earned credits will be forfeited once referring client do not have anymore active Budget hosting, Reseller Hosting, VPS or Dedicated Server service with us
11.) Creating a dummy/fake account just to earn referral credit will forfeit earned credits and subject for account suspension.

For questions, please contact us at: